How to Find and convince Investors

It is possible! Also, innovative, small and medium-sized businesses can be financed through an IPO - if the concept is conducive.

The entrepreneur and author Luigi Carlo De Micco shows in his new book, "How to find and convince Investors" can also be financed via the stock exchange.

The author is well versed with what he is talking about. Both as an entrepreneur and in the role of an investor and adviser, De Micco has personally curtailed for IPOs in different industries and market segments. In his new book "How to find and convince Investors", you are given an insight into:

  • how to find and convince investors
  • which prerequisites for an IPO must be given, or what measures need to be taken
  • the advantages and disadvantages of a stock exchange listing
  • the success factors, risks and what does not work
  • the technical and economic prerequisites
  • the correct communication ...

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The stock market is not only a financing platform for large companies and international corporations. With the right approach, a good management team, innovative products and proven high growth potential, under certain conditions even small and medium-sized businesses can make the jump to the trading floor in order to raise capital for their growth.

Find out in this uniquely written book by a really experienced expert , on how you perhaps also run your business on the stock market and what your prerequisites are need.

The alternative: Reverse-IPO

"Growth through organized synergies"

Particularly for smaller companies that are however very profitable and innovative, it can make a lot of sense under certain conditions; to construct the initial public offering in the form of a so-called reverse-IPO. The author has hereby developed a proven concept that creates tremendous synergies, in which all stakeholders (investors, shareholders, the private company and the listed company win.

In a nutshell, the reverse-IPO, pertains to a listed company that ideally has little or no operational activities, being "taken over" by a private company, i.e. not a public company. The private company in this model as an example, exchanges assets-in-kind against shares, thereby gaining the majority of the shares and thus the operational control of the listed company.

There are many stock exchanges in the world on which companies that are dormant or with next to no active are looking for a new business field. The main value of this company is basically comprised of its stock market listing and its publicity. On the other hand, many  profitable and innovative companies are searching for a way to increase their equity capital in order to finance their planned growth.

Within the framework of a reverse IPOs according to the model developed by the author, not only is the private company incorporated into the listed company, but also - as part of the restructuring and reorientation of the listed company - a further capital increase is also at the same time placed against the shares, through which further liquidity is thus ensured.

It therefore makes sense for companies to cooperate with the above-described constellation. The author describes the process as "organized synergy." This complex process is described in the book "How to find and convince Investors" in a very clear and understandable manner.

In the e-Book "How to find and convince Investors" you learn how a reverse IPO functions, which companies are eligible and what factors have to be considered.

Already numerous, profitable and innovative companies have achieved listing on the stock exchange by using this method of reverse IPOs . Former local market leaders and companies with innovative products have thereby gone on to become global players.

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Now available as an eBook! "How to find and convince Investors", Initial Public Offering for Small and Medium Business - the top seller, with more than 3000 downloads!

Some facts about the book

Already several thousand readers have downloaded the eBook "How to find and convince Investors" with the objective of getting their companies to benefit from this special know-how

Several hundred entrepreneurs after the reading book have in the mean time either already placed  their companies on an international stock exchange or are currently preparing  their IPO or reverse IPO.

The author is on account of his annual output of up to 10 IPOs and reverse IPOs, which he accompanies as an investor or as a consultant, regarded as one of the most experienced and most competent experts in this type of business financing. He together with his entrepreneurial, advisor and investment group "De Micco & Friends" consults in addition to private companies also banks, venture capital firms, investment funds and other institutional investors with respect to investments, IPOs and mergers & acquisitions transactions.

"It is never too early to prepare the future of a company . There is no inappropriate moment, but rather only poor concepts or lame excuses."

(Luigi Carlo De Micco, Interview CNN, Atlanta 2001)

You should therefore now also take the first step and learn more about the possibilities of not only financing your company, your innovation and your ideas through the stock exchange as a powerful instrument, but also securing more equity capital and liquidity to ensure the future of your company.

Order the eBook "How to find and convince Investors" now at the special price of 9, - € *.
(* The price of the print edition (soft cover) is 24, - Euro + shipping costs.)

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Decision questions for entrepreneurs

  • Do you have a competent, experienced management team in your industry?
  • Are your products or services innovative or even unique?
  • Is your company profitable and has it existed for at least two years on the market?
  • Do you have realistic, achievable concepts that are capable of relaying a distinctive, and sustainable, demonstrable growth?
  • Are you lacking capital to achieve your growth objectives?

If you can answer some of these questions with a "yes", then you should seriously address the IPO issue . The eBook "How to find and convince Investors" is the first step. Invest only 2-3 hours of your time. Approx. 160 pages that are worth it.

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How to order the eBook "How to find and convince Investors" at a preferential price

Please click here to go to the order form. After the completion of the secure payment process via PayPal or credit card, you will receive a registration code by email and you can then start immediately. The eBook is currently available in English, German and Spanish. More languages are in preparation.

Opinions of the readers:

"Really competent and easily understandable information on the  IPO topic. This is absolutely worth reading for any entrepreneur who is looking for alternative forms of financing!"
(Michael Stettler, Frankfurt)

"I always thought the stock market is only for big companies ... We will now address this topic in detail after having read this book."
Rolf Bott, Essen.

"Really recommendable! Concise and easy to understand information about going public."
 Karin Esser, Cologne

"Up to six months ago, I never would have thought of the stock market as a financing instrument for our company! And now we are already stuck in the middle of the preparations".
Christian Stauffer, Hamburg

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Lawyer, attorney, auditor Mallorca, Spain

The basis for growth

"A strong and stable capital basis is one of the most critical conditions for the stability and economic growth of a company. Some companies have good products or services, a good management team, good ideas, high growth prospects and a lot of business experience in their industrial sector. However, often simply lack the necessary financial resources to finance the planned growth on their own accord.

A solution to this could be the initial public offering. The IPO enables the listed company to generate the required own capital by acquiring fresh liquidity from institutional and private investors, in order to ensure and finance future growth on its own accord

This booklet tells you how your company can also use the stock exchange financing platform market, what requirements must be met and what is important."


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Excerpts from the book

... "Through a capital increase associated with an IPO against cash contributions or through the issuance of shares to private and institutional investors, the company's capital adequacy is improved all over a sudden. With a well planned and professionally structured IPO the company will receive significant cash inflow" ...

IPO the eBook

... "In contrast to a classical credit financing that is subject to regular interest and principal payments, whereby these are of course determined independent of the success results of the company; the listed company's share capital provided by the shareholders entails a dividend that is performance dependent. " ...

IPO for small an medium size companies

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